Genealogy – the study of families and tracing their lineage and history – is rooted in the history of the Jewish people and many other peoples. In the past, genealogy was used to trace nobility or for obtaining family documentation.  Today, it serves for various purposes (e.g. historical and genetic research) and even for legal purposes, say, for example, to prove kinship in order to claim entitlement to an estate.
A genealogist is a researcher who traces, documents and proves family descent and origins by various means and methods as well as actually locating family members.  In carrying out this work, the genealogist uses an array of tools, including personal interviews, digging into archives, conducting document searches, analysis of items, and precise documentation of all findings. Adv. Rony Golan is a professional and experienced genealogist since 1985. He is a member of the APG (Association of Professional Genealogists) and serves as an expert witness in family courts in the field of genealogy.
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