Over the years, we have had a great deal of success in conducting genealogical research. Following are some examples:

Lost Identity -
We successfully uncovered the true identity of a child who came to Israel at the age of 5 following the Holocaust, without knowing the names of her parents or where she was born.  After intensive research, we were able to build her family tree, discover the names of her parents and unite her with two sisters whom she was separated from as a child.
Family photos - We successfully located relatives in the US who had lost contact with each other for 54 years following the Holocaust. The American relatives had kept family photos that were sent from Europe before the war.

Inheritance -
In a case involving the estate of a childless man who passed away in Israel, we managed to locate his cousins (in Belgium and the United States), who were entitled to an inheritance.

Real Estate Property -
We located descendants of people who bought land in Israel in the 1920's, but lost contact with their property.
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