We hold courses and seminars on genealogy to groups and to the public at large.

Partial List of Courses:
  •  Introduction to Genealogy: Introductory course for the beginning researcher
  •  Genealogy and the Internet: A comprehensive course for tracing your family roots using the Internet
  •  Advanced course in genealogy via the Internet: Designed for those wishing to enhance their knowledge and improve their genealogical Internet search skills
  •  Family roots study for gifted children - A 13 - session course for gifted students, exposing them to the wonders of genealogy
  •  Genealogy Workshops - A series of topical workshops in genealogical research (single 1.5 hour sessions)
  •  Tracing family roots in the United States
  •  Tracing family roots in Hungary and Rumania
  •  Tracing family roots in Lithuania
  •  Tracing family roots in Poland
  •  Cemeteries and reading gravestones
  •  Topical archives in Israel
  •  Using Google for genealogical research

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