Adv. Rony Golan is a seasoned lecturer who speaks in various forums. He has spoken at international conferences organised by the International Association of Jewish Genealogy Societies (IAJGS) in Jerusalem (2004), New York (2006), and Chicago (2008), as well as at the first International Conference on Jewish Genealogy and the Internet, held by the Netvision Institute for the Internet Research at Tel Aviv University. He has also lectured at the Institute for Advanced Judicial Studies and the Institute for Advanced Law Studies.

The lecture can be educational or experiential, or a combination of both, and is adapted to the audience.

Partial List of Lectures:

Stories of Genealogical Studies -  A collection of several research stories, illustrating various aspects
of genealogical studies.
The Lost Identity of Hildegard Dondorf - A case study on uncovering the lost identity of a Holocaust
The Holocaust, Resurrection, and Everything in Between - An experiential evening for Holocaust 
Remembrance Day, accompanied by music. 
Introduction to Genealogy - an introductory lecture for people interested in studying their family's history.
How Did I Almost Not Find 'Doda Channa from Tshikago' - How the world of genealogical research
has changed in the age of the internet.

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